Welcome to

Summer Reading Program 2021!

Ages 12 through 17

You are invited to join our reading club this summer, so that you can read for enjoyment and complete your school summer reading assignments.

The program begins June 14 and continues until August 14. Join at any time during that period.

The library is now fully open.

There are two ways you can participate this year:

  1. Visit the library to register and pick up your packet of Reading Club Materials. OR
  2. If you do not want to visit the library, you can participate online by joining the READSquared program: register at phoenixvillepubliclibrary.readsquared.com.

For enrolling in the program, you can choose one free book from our selection.

The Goal

Read books and/or e-books or listen to audio/e-audio books at the young adult level.  You can read fiction or non-fiction books.

Participating in Person

  1. Complete a “tweet-length” review (at least 140 characters or up to 240 characters if you have more to say) for each book you read using the forms in your reading packet.
  2. Submit it when visiting the library and for each review, you will receive a raffle ticket toward prizes we will give away.
  3. If you wish, you can also join the online READSquared program, where you can enter your reading just to participate in the online badges/games/activities that open up at each level.

Participating Online

  1. Complete and submit an online review of “tweet-length” (at least 140 characters or up to 240 characters if you have more to say) through READSquared for each book you read.
  2. For each submitted review, you can receive a raffle ticket toward prizes we will give away.
  3. As you move through the program, access to badges/games/activities will open at each level.
  4. We will need to to get the free book and raffle tickets to you.  Please call 610-933-3013 x 124 to leave a message with your name, phone  number/email address, and what you need so we can make arrangements to get things to you.

We hope you have a great summer with a lot of enjoyable reading!

Additional Information

Borrowing Books from the Library
  • Welcome Back! You can now visit the library to borrow books to read for the reading program along with other items.
  • If you do not want to visit inside the library, you can go online to request items using the catalog at https://catalog.ccls.org/.  Place the materials on hold and when you are notified they are ready, pick them up using Door Service through https://curbside.capiratech.com/?code=chespaus19341.
  • You also have access to our online catalog of e-books and e-audio books.  Reading them will count toward the program.  Find those resources at https://ccls.org/305/ematerials.
We are adjusting to the ongoing Covid-19 situation, so library options are different this summer and may change with time.  We will keep you informed about any changes through our online calendar, website, newsletters, and emails.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact us 1t 610-933-3013 x 124 or rkrause@ccls.org