Teens at the Library

XBOX, PS2 & 3, and Wii games are available at the library for one week rentals!

A note to teens…

Check out Games That Give, a website that generates money for charity when you play their free online games. How does it work? Sponsors advertise on the games, and 70% of every dollar they spend goes to Do Something!

Check out GamesThatGive.net and tell some friends about this fun new way to Do Something to help change the world.

A note to parents…

Reach and Teach TEENS through their World of CD’s, DVD’s and Video Gaming!

No wonder that some parents feel their children are addicted to gaming. Gaming is a form of “Storytime” and although reading provides a different path to a story, in moderation gaming can be used as a powerful tool in creative role-playing. Likewise, “mindless” arcade style video games frequently involve strategy, reflex dexterity and wacky fun. Check out our growing Digital Departments in both children’s and Young Adult.

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