Masking Policy

Face masks are required to be worn in the Library at all times. The mask must be properly worn covering both the nose and the mouth. If the mask is removed at anytime during the visit in the Library, Library employees will ask the patron to fix the mask one time. If the employee needs to talk with a patron regarding the proper wearing of a face mask a second time, that patron will be asked to leave the Library.

If you do not have a face mask, the Library has disposable masks for your use.

All patrons and employees are required to properly wear a mask in the Library at all times.

Patrons age 2 and up must wear a face mask at all times in the Library.

Acceptable Face Coverings for Library Use:

  • Masks must have two (2) or more layers of breathable fabric like cotton.
  • N95 masks and disposable masks are acceptable.
  • Mask can be made from tightly woven fabrics that do not let light through.
  • Masks must completely cover the nose and the mouth.
  • Masks must fit properly on the face. (Snug fit with no gaps.)
  • Single layer masks, masks with valves, bandana’s, scarves and single layer gaiters are unacceptable face coverings.
  • Goggles and face shields are not acceptable face coverings. Face shields may be worn with a mask.